New Mac Secret Book For Veterans Announced!

A new edition of the MacGyver Secret for Veterans, Frontline Professionals & Their Families in is the works!

September 21, 2021: Santa Fe, NM.  Author Lee Zlotoff has just announced that a new edition of the MACGYVER SECRET book is in the works specifically for veterans, frontline professionals—such as police, doctors, nurses and EMTs—and their families. 

“Given the stresses of the past year and the decades long wars in the middle east, we thought it was time to revisit the MacGyver Secret and tailor it specifically for veterans making the difficult transition to civilian life and for those—and others—dealing with the issues of PTSD”, said Zlotoff.  “So we’ve begun working with vets and other specialists to develop a simple and effective approach to those kinds of problems using the Mac Secret “ he added. 

As with the original Mac Secret, Colleen Seifert PhD will co-author to offer the latest in research and science on the issues presented. 

The book is scheduled for release sometime in the first quarter of 2022.