August 1, 2021, Announcing MacGyver: The Musical!

So, why turn MacGyver into a musical? Short answer: why not? Long answer: MacGyver was and continues to be one of those TV shows that the whole family can watch together. And we thought it would be a kick to re-create that experience as a live production with the added fun of tossing in some singing and dancing.

But, to make sure it was really worthy of the name MacGyver, we decided to kick it up a notch by casting the role of MacGyver out of the audience in every performance! What could be more Mac than that? And we guarantee you won’t believe it until you see it—or get to play the lead!

And, when we did a series of workshop performances to packed houses before the world came unglued, every MacGyver—male or female—wowed the crowd and got a standing ovation! (Including the folk/pop star Jewel! Who bought a ticket one night, agreed to audition, and to wild applause, was chosen by the audience to be that night’s Mac.)

And, assuming we can put this pesky pandemic into the history books where it belongs, we launched the world premiere at the Stages Theater in Houston, Texas, February 4th 2022.

But if you missed it, not to worry: we’re already gearing up for another production elsewhere in the country. So, if you’d like us to keep you in the loop about where we’re headed with it, just sign up below!