MacGyver Secret for Student Leaders

Best known as the creator of the MacGyver TV series, Lee Zlotoff ’70, a producer, director and screenwriter, and his wife Dayna Matlin paid a special visit to his alma mater Brooklyn Tech High School this month.

Lee spoke to an audience packed with Tech’s student leaders and several teachers to share The MacGyver Secret– a simple method for solving problems by activating your “inner MacGyver.”

Lee also spoke about his book, The MacGyver Secret, which contains everything you need to jump start your own inner Mac and “work out any situation or problem.”

Last year, Zlotoff and the MacGyver Foundation presented its 2023 scholarship to Brooklyn Tech High School student Jacklin Xie ’24, for her achievements in STEM research. Her studies endeavor to improve indoor air quality by utilizing living walls as an affordable alternative to air purification systems.

Free MacGyver Secret quick-start guide at to begin unlocking your inner MacGyver today.