Hacking the Pandemic
An animation by the creators of MacGyver.

MacNow! Episode 1

Since air travel is shut down by the pandemic, Mac takes a cargo freighter to get home. But when the crew comes down with the virus and the ship springs a leak, Mac has to take matters into his own hands…

MacNow! Episode 2

With the crew sick, Mac’s only help operating the ship is Rina, an East-Indian performance artist as he tries to find a way to level the ship and keep it from rolling over while sharing some tips about how he tries to tackle unexpected problems…

MacNow! Episode 3

When the ballast pump motors fail, Mac has no choice but to dive into the ballast tank himself to level the ship as he tells Rina to take the helm and keep them on course. Having to breathe through a hose, Mac wonders aloud if ‘to MacGyver’ something could be more than just a way to fix mechanical things…

MacNow! Episode 4

Finally managing to get the ship level, Mac relieves Rina at the helm and radios with another freighter that’s headed their way to offer support. But when Rina discovers their ailing captain is now having trouble breathing, Mac has to jump into action to figure out a way to keep him alive…

MacNow! Episode 5

Hustling to collect supplies to build a make-shift ventilator, Mac shares how to think about the resources one has in a crisis, be they people, objects, or even things inside ourselves that we didn’t know were there. Then, with Rina’s help and guidance from the doctor on the other ship, he must intubate the struggling captain and put together a ventilator to keep him breathing…

MacNow! Educational Material

Free printable activity sheets for kids ages 8-12, with Lesson Plan for teachers and parents.

"With a little bit of imagination, anything is possible."

–Angus MacGyver