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This is a collection of stories submitted by fans about how MacGyver, whether the original show or the reboot, has inspired them. Thanks to the #SaveMacGyver team for collecting them during our 2021 MacGyver Takeover event! We are still sifting through submissions and will be adding more of your stories throughout the year.

“Seeing the MacGyver team overcome so much and still have hope that they can do more. Be more. I never saw their skin color. I saw people that gave me hope. MacGyver is more than a show. It has given me the strength to keep going when my bipolar or anxiety gets too bad. And it has been the push I needed to do better, lose more weight. I am down 30 kg. (about 68 lbs). From them I have learned it is okay to not be okay and ask for help.”

- Amanda

“MacGyver (2016) came out while I was in high school. I had a rough go of it being bullied. I was incredibly down and drawn into myself but watching Mac every Friday brought a huge smile to my face. When things turned around, MacGyver was still there for me. I took AP Physics because of Mac (he helped me study Atwood’s machine problems). MacGyver taught me I can do hard things. I just need to try. A huge thank you to MacGyver for being around at just the right time to help me come into my own.”

- baby_einstein

“Watching MacGyver, Riley inspired me to take an interest in computers. Because of her, I have chosen a computer engineering course in high school and am considering Computer Engineering as my career.?

- dudina.nela

“My Dad introduced me to the original MacGyver when I was young. And to me, my Dad is the MacGyver in my life — able to fix anything or make anything happen with what is around him. He even carries a Swiss Army Knife! (Now I do too!) I thought the new MacGyver couldn’t be as good as the original and I’m so happy I was wrong. I love both shows so much and they have inspired me endlessly to learn, discover and create.”

- Andrea

“MacGyver is one of the most diverse shows on TV. It’s a show I can watch with my grandchildren without worrying about something embarrassing being on. It’s a fun show! My husband and I watched the first series and loved it and watch the second (current) show faithfully and love it!”

- Linda

“My family and I watched MacGyver since the beginning. It helped me and my family connect. Even when we had an argument, we would put it aside to watch MacGyver. This show taught me anything is possible. Watching these badass women made me realize I can be strong and that I can be like them too. MacGyver also got my little brother and I interested in science as well as inspired my brother to put down his tablet and get involved with arts and crafts. This show is special and has inspired me and my whole family.”

- MacRileyEdits

“MacGyver made me want to try harder in school. COVID took my motivation to do work, I was failing most of my classes when I’m usually a straight-A student. I started watching only a month or two before the show ended but seeing how brave, honorable, and SMART everyone on the show was, really motivated me. It recharged me. And because of MacGyver I passed all my classes.”

- Abi.baudhuin

“I have watched MacGyver since the beginning. On a personal level, MacGyver gave me an hour a week I didn’t think about the pain brought on by having cerebral palsy. And I am so grateful because of MacGyver I have met so many wonderful people, even if it is virtually. I feel a part of something very special. We are one worldwide family and I’m proud to be a part of that.”

- Joseph

“I live in Argentina and I started watching MacGyver during the lockdown. What caught me first was the diversity. I loved that they traveled all over the world too. It’s incredible to see Matty in a position of power. I admire Riley’s kindness and how she became a better person despite the mistakes she made in the past. Bozer evolved from flipping burgers to becoming a secret agent, never losing his sense of humor. Jack was a great companion to Mac and father-figure to Riley. MacGyver is what made 2020 better for me. “

- Steph

“I really resonated with the storyline between Mac & Riley and their fathers. I had a non-existent relationship with my father for almost 20 years, after he left and made no efforts to be in my life. I grew up with a lot of trust issues because of it and I saw so much of myself in Mac & Riley’s characters as they processed how they felt about their dads. Like Mac, I wondered why my father didn’t want me, what it would be like to have a relationship. And, over time, became angry and decided I didn’t want a relationship after all. I finally started trying to work through the baggage of this in my own life and, after watching MacGyver, I had the courage to respond to my father earlier this year when he reached out. I wouldn’t have had the strength to let him in before, but I did because of MacGyver. “

- Sam

“MacGyver came into my life right before the pandemic started. The first few months of the pandemic weren’t that bad but in July 2020 things started to go downhill. Everything that could go wrong did. There was even a time where I asked, “What’s the point?” But I’m so thankful MacGyver got me through all that. MacGyver gave me a reason to hold on.”

- MacGyverScenes

“Before the pandemic I spent three years in a wheelchair due to a decade long illness. Once I was able, I worked hard to re-learn how to use my body without the wheelchair. It took a year and I felt hopeful. A week later the pandemic hit. The effects of COVID and my illness swallowed me whole. I wasn’t handling everything– it was handling me. I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten until I sat down with my folks and we started watching MacGyver. Within minutes I was laughing at Mac and Jack’s antics in episode one. My mom looked ready to cry and said she hadn’t heard me laugh, and mean it, for months. MacGyver taught me that joy and laughter are possible even in the toughest times and hope is only lost when you don’t have it.”

- Haley (from South Africa)

“I am an Accountant by academic qualification, but I now fix trucks for a living…the original show taught me problem solving and thinking outside the box.”

- Tineyi

“I learned there are practically no hopeless situations, you just need to calm down and think. I have been in a wheelchair since childhood but it’s Mac’s words and actions that have saved me. Before I might not have stopped to help if something had fallen. But now I stop and think ‘What would Mac do?’ If we calm down and believe in ourselves everything will work out. Now I believe that too. People need strength and miracles and hope and their family, which I learned from Mac. This series help protect a very important person to me. It gave him strength and warmth and support and assurance that he “will never be alone”. These words are very important to him. This is his strength for further good deeds so I will keep fighting to preserve MacGyver’s spirit, so he is not alone.”

- Darena

“MacGyver has inspired me in so many ways. He has shown me any problem can be solved with a little improvisation. Since I was already in chemistry, I decided to take physics as well for grades 11 and 12 because of MacGyver. Now in two months, I’ll be starting my first year of a Bachelor of Science program. As a young woman, it was cool to see Riley as a strong, intelligent woman that I could look up to. She influenced my decision and made me more determined to succeed in the STEM field.”

- RileyDavis_37

“MacGyver (2016) inspired me to get back to writing fanfiction again. I used to write a lot for another fandom, but once that show ended, I didn’t have any motivation left to write so I just stopped– until I watched the first two seasons of MacGyver. It got me to start writing again. I’ll never forget the incredible support of the MacGyver family.”

- Kaja

“I’ve watched MacGyver since it first aired in 2016. I loved everything about it from the science behind what Mac does, the comedy and banter and the family dynamic in Team Phoenix. This new show has inspired me to try new things in graphic design. Designing posters and photos to share with our #SaveMacGyver community. Thank you for inspiring my art.”

- Jamie

“Riley showed me how to be more tech savvy, but she also showed me to trust the process and always go trust the person you love and care about the most. And to not let someone tell me what I can and cannot do. Mac taught me I’m smarter than I think I am and that it’s okay to be vulnerable at certain times. Being smart isn’t a bad thing and I should value that. Matty taught me how to be badass. That I shouldn’t let anyone get to me, and how to come out of my shy shell. She also taught me I’m my own person and to be proud of that. Jack taught me that I can protect people but also let them in. I shouldn’t walk away from my problems. “

- Gianna

“MacGyver 2016 saved my life when I was about to throw in the towel at that point in my life!!! I suffered the death of someone that particularly affected me; one of my best friends was a technician in the army and his group was ambushed. That’s why MacGyver 2016 means so much in my life.”

- Danae

“The original series lead me to being an In-Flight Technician for the US Navy (literally fixing a Cold War era aircraft with whatever I had, while air-born). Went to college for Aerospace engineering. I then became a Government contractor, flying around the world fixing all kinds of issues to assist with Search and Rescue to Anti-terrorism. 2021 I launched a customizable and modular multi-tool company.”

- Chewy

As a parting message, all the fans of MacGyver, original and new, have been so inspired over the years to learn, grow, and use compassion and empathy in the choices we make. Angus MacGyver’s spirit has changed the lives of many not just in the United States but around the world. His inspiration has led to fans going into STEM fields, becoming teachers and paramedics, and to give back in Mac’s name. His character continues to resonate and impassion fans. Thank you for sharing your vision with the world.

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