March 25, 2021 A New MacGyver Animated Mini-Web Series!

What was MacGyver doing during the Pandemic… Enjoy an inspiring animated mini-web series brought to you by the MacGyver Foundation.

New Animated MacGyver Series Debuts!

SANTA FE, NM March 25, 2021. The MacGyver Foundation, an organization dedicated to the encouragement and support of individuals and organizations throughout the world who utilize self-reliance, non-violence, and sustainability to improve people’s lives, today announced the debut of a fun and inspirational animated web series to acknowledge the one-year mark of the global pandemic. The five-episode series was developed as a public service to help us all continue to ‘MacGyver’ our way out of this global health crisis.

The name MacGyver is synonymous with cleverly using whatever’s available to manage our way through a crisis.  So, it is no surprise that, when the global pandemic descended, references to him began to appear both online and in major publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and New Yorker Magazine.

Recognizing the need to honor the efforts and ingenuity of medical professionals, educators, essential workers, and even ordinary people everywhere who are doing their part to deal with the virus, MacGyver creator– and director of the MacGyver Foundation– Lee Zlotoff, decided to produce the animated web series that follows MacGyver through his own crisis in the pandemic. “Between the rush of technology, the impacts of climate change and now this worldwide virus,” Zlotoff says, “we are all having to learn how to use what we have to adapt and cope—sometimes on a daily basis.  And if the MacGyver character can help us see all the resources we have at our disposal to manage all that—and maybe do it with a smile– so much the better for everyone.”

All five webisodes are available for free.  And viewers are invited to share stories, photos, and videos of how they—or someone they know—had to MacGyver something to deal with the pandemic.