MacGyver Secret for Veterans – Testimonials

Here are some of the responses and reactions we’ve received from the first pilot program of the MacGyver Secret for Veterans.  Clearly, the program struck a helpful and positive chord with almost all of the veterans who experienced it and, as a result, we are excited to continue the search to offer this unique ‘tool’ to other vets around the country.

“My name is Don Fabian. I’ve been in the Army for 34 years and recently retired. I went through the first pilot program for the MacGyver Secret for Veterans at the At Ease Campground and Marina. And I understand people being skeptical of different techniques to help yourself but this one really does work. It immediately helped me because I was able to find items that I had lost and it also helped to organize a lot of my daily routines. I have a busy, hectic life—my conscious is just crazy all over the place—and utilizing my subconscious to help me has been very good. It’s a tool that I’m honing and working with and it’s continuing to make improvements. I recommend that veterans try it and give it a shot. For me the results come when I’m doing things, and I have ‘aha’ moments and solving problems. It’s really a great program.”

“My name is Darrell McGuire, and I am a veteran of the Army. I’m thankful for this course for many reasons. I can go to sleep and stay asleep now which I couldn’t do before attending this course. I now know how to get answers to many of the everyday questions as well as life issues.”
– Glenn Darrell McGuire

“I use it very often and it works very good.”
– WC Johnson, Army Veteran

“My Name is Shelby Pine and I served in the US Air Force 1969 – 1973. I recently had the opportunity to participate in the MacGyver Secret for Veterans, presented by Mr. Lee Zlotoff, at, At Ease Campground and Marina. I found the presentation very interesting and can see how the process presented can help not only veterans but anyone having difficulties or issues in their daily life. The program is designed as a tool that you use so that you can help yourself get the answers to your issues and move forward. Like any tool you have to use it to get results. I would recommend this program for everyone!  Regards, Shelby Pine.”

“My name is Bill Orzech, I’m a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. I participated in the veterans’ MacGyver Secret program held at the At Ease Campground. I will say that understanding on utilizing your subconscious works. I’ve been able to work through some daily life problems and I’m also now using my subconscious to help wake me up from my nightmares. Learning to use my subconscious has certainly been helpful to me and I recommend this program to everyone.”

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