MacGyver Holiday Entertainment Guide

Get ready for some serious holiday entertainment with our top picks from the MacGyverse. From must-watch episodes to binge-worthy reads and catchy tunes, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the best of what to watch, read, and listen to this season.…

No holiday gathering is complete without post-meal TV time with family and friends. Indulge in one of these entertaining holiday episodes from the reboot and original MacGyver series:


From the original MacGyver series, this Christmas-themed episode is full of mystery and nostalgia: MacGyver and the kids at the Challenges Club are taught the true meaning of Christmas by a mysterious homeless woman who comes to stay there.

“It’s almost Christmas. A figure of The Madonna disappears from a church. MacGyver and Pete, who are on their way to deliver gifts to a local youth center, see an old homeless lady being harassed by two punks and chase them away. They take the lady to the youth center, where she gets shelter. Sadly, the center is under a threat of being shut down because of lack of money. Pete can’t help because the Phoenix Foundation budget is already locked for the next six months. The priest from the church speaks on TV, petitioning for information on the Madonna. MacGyver decides to help. But in the unfolding events, the old lady has a role to play as well.” [— Toni Tapola, Imdb]

The Madonna, a 48-minute episode which first aired December 18th, 1989 as Season 5 Episode 11, stars actors Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar, Jeanette Nolan, and Roxanne Reese. Watch on Pluto, Paramount Plus, or Amazon.


Bullet + Pen, a Christmas-time episode from the recent MacGyver reboot series, follows our beloved MacGyver and crew of the Phoenix as they are visited by a ghost of MacGyver past… becoming a grinch for our heroes who are just trying to celebrate a well-deserved Holiday. The team’s Christmas celebration is harshly interrupted by the LAPD when they arrest Mac for terrorism after an unexpected finding from a building decimated by a bomb Mac built.

This adventure first aired December 15th 2017 as Season 2 Episode 11, and stars actors Lucas Till, George Eads, Isabel Lucas, Tristin Mays, Justin Hires, Meredith Eaten, and David Dastmalchian. Special appearance by Bruce McGill from the original series joining alongside the younger cast members of the reboot is a surefire way to get all generations to sit down and enjoy this enthralling episode together. Watch on Amazon, or Paramount Plus.


If watching shows isn’t your thing, Grandma’s hogging the remote, or you just prefer some you-time this holiday season, look no further than The MacGyver Secret – not just a book, it details the MacGyver approach, and is full of interactive activities. Great conversation piece to discuss with others, or to conquer your own New Year’s resolutions. Harness the power and mindframe of MacGyver with this incredible read by MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff. 


Searching for that tune for a family car ride or while decorating your Christmas tree? Look no further than ‘MacGyver My Heart.’ This touching rock-ballad sung by Taylor Louderman will have you tearing up one moment and giggling the next… You can even sing-along with Taylor here! Heartwarming melodies by Peter Lurye and musical production by Tony Award and Emmy Award winner Michael Moritz Jr… This hit track from the MacGyver The Musical album is a track for romantics and MacGyver fans alike. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.


In a breathtaking performance by Hannah Clarke Levine, who starred as Ingrid in the 2022 production of MacGyver The Musical, we are taken on an intimate journey in ‘On The Other Side’ through her early childhood during and after her parents’ attempt to escape East Berlin, and of her longing to know what life is like on the other side of The Wall, outside the oppressive confines of East Germany. So close for her, she can almost touch it. If the plot has you perplexed, worry not — this beautiful song carries many meanings to explore and poses the ultimate question of – is life really greener on the other side? Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.


We are loving this jolly drinking song, riddled with sarcasm and the incredible nuances by Broadway’s own Brandon Victor Dixon performing the part of Russian illicit trader extraordinaire Boris Skratzchmyich of MacGyver The Musical. Don’t be fooled by the spirited performance – Boris is up to something sneaky as he convinces the German soldiers to drink along with him. Truly an earworm and memorable performance by Dixon, this is a fun track the whole family can enjoy. Listen here then go behind the scenes of Brandon’s recording session to see the making of the song ‘Drink Drink Drink’.


Upbeat, optimistic, and powerful… This memorable anthem rock song is not just fun, it’s full of deeper meanings of positivity, resilience, and transformation. Inspiring and ever-relevant, this track will have you pressing replay. Don’t be a tool – be a tool for change! Stream ‘We Are The Tools’ from the MacGyver the Musical album on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

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